For heavy duty fabric
For (heavy sling)

No.fabrics - 2ND
Reed width - 100 mm
Heald frame - 10~14
Pick repeat - 48
Motor - 1 HP
Max speed - 700 rpm


Company Profile

President : WONG-WOO PARK

In March, 2017, Bukuk Precision & Ind. Co. is newly started in a new place, Yeongcheon city, with the whole line of Narrow Fabric Electronic Jacquard Needle Looms being installed in March, 2000 since established in April, 1976 as Sae-hwa Machinery Co.

As a result of its constant efforts toward manufacturing better machines, our company has enjoyed lots of popularity and compliment from both at home and the world's leading markets including India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and so on.

With this, we will have advanced for customers' satisfaction with technical development and quality control.


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